Weymouth In Old Postcards

Welcome to a selection from my collection of Postcards and Photographs of my Home Town.

This collection has been put together over the past decade and has provided me with great enjoyment.

I doubt those early local photographers realised the results of their work would still be enjoyed all these years later.

So much would have gone unrecorded without Edwin Seward, the Hitchs, Debenham, Cummings, Kestins and the Herberts, from the 1890s to the 1950s so many of the scenes, views and events of their day were recorded to provide a magnificent record for the future.

Whenever possible I have attempted to research the history behind any view from the many resources available today. I am always very interested to learn more.

I thank the many folk who have taken the trouble to contact me either directly or by using the Guest Book, and I look forward to hearing from any one with a memory or recollection to add.

Links to related web sites are included on the Acknowledgement page.

Eddie Prowse, Thursday, August 31, 2006